Responsible Production, Sourcing and Stewardship of Aluminium


Responsible Production, Sourcing and Stewardship of Aluminium
The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is a global non-profit standards setting and certification organisation. It brings together producers, users and stakeholders in the aluminium value chain with a commitment to maximise the contribution of aluminium to a sustainable society.
Benefits of ASI Certification
Demonstrating independent assurance against rigorous standards for performance and chain of custody
Meeting customer expectations for good practices and enhance reputation
Strengthening internal management systems on environmental, social and governance issues
Bringing transparency to supply chains and manage supply chain risks
Sharing best practices and evidence of positive impact that will resonate with your stakeholders
Building partnerships and relationships across the public, private and voluntary sectors
Scaling up progress on environmental and social issues through collective action

ASI certified members

Certification scope
The Certification Scope sets out what parts of a Business, Facilities and/or Product/Program are covered by an ASI Certification. This is sometimes also called the 'unit of certification'.

The Certification Scope needs to be clearly documented as part of the initial Self Assessment so that:
The Member is clear what falls within the scope of an ASI Audit The Auditor is able to develop an appropriate Audit Plan A Member's Certification Scope is communicated clearly and accurately to stakeholders and business partners. Applicability of individual criteria in ASI Standards is defined by the relevant supply chain activities and membership class of the member.

How to obtain ASI certificate

Certification against ASI Standards requires independent third-party auditing by ASI Accredited Auditors to verify that an Entity's management systems and performance conforms to the relevant Standard/s. The certification process also establishes mechanisms for early identification of practices that may not be in conformance, and processes to track corrective actions and their implementation.
There are five main steps in the ASI Certification process:
Self Assessment
Preparation stage for the Certification Audit. Conducted by the Member in accordance with their defined Certification Scope.
Certification audit
Conducted by an ASI Accredited Auditor who is an independent third party. Risk-based assessment of conformance.
Audit report
Auditor prepares Audit Report for ASI and Member. Member implements corrective action plan/s, where required. Where Certification achieved, Step 4 commences.
Certificate issued
ASI reviews Audit Report for clarity and completeness.
ASI issues Certification and updates ASI website.
Periodic reviews
Surveillance and Re-Certification Audits are conducted during/at end of Certification Period. These verify continued conformance and/or may assess other identified risks.
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