Let's measure sustainability
of your business

United Certification Systems Limited is a certification assessment body

What we do

UCS evaluates, whether the company meets the requirements of sustainability, including environmental, economic and social aspects.

We ensure, that the enterprise follows norms of labour laws, the products are made from legal raw material, and the enterprise operations do not push rare specious towards extinction.

Certification schemes

Get certificate
Apply for certification, pass main assessment and be legally certified.
Place logo on the product
After certificate granting, you can use logo of certification for promoting your products.
Go to Global Market
Certificate is the key to western markets, where the sustainability is the first requirement for suppliers.
In B2C industries, such as tourism, the certificate enhances confidence of consumers and plays a big role for making final decision.
What is the price for the audit?
The audit price depends on the size of your company, turnover, location and product amount for certification.
Please fill in form and we will provide you the price in the nearest time.
Can I just send you money and you will issue the certificate?
No. Firstly we conduct the assessment, then we take the decision whether your company meets the requirements for sustainable performance.
Estimate your certification cost
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+357 97 649035
1 Anastasi Shoukri Street
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