Certification of tourism industry
Global Sustainable Tourism Council is a global independent organisation which develops standards of sustainable tourism for hotels, tour operators and destinations.

Certification criteria

Documents for GSTC certification
GSTC Criteria consists of four pillars:
  • Effective sustainable management
    Conformance with the legal and administrative requirements, depiction of an accurate brand image.
  • Social and economic issues
    Impacts that the tourism business has on the well-being of its employees and the local community.
  • Environment
    How the tourism business conserves its resources and reduces pollution. Another major aspect is conservation of biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes.
  • Cultural heritage
    The way the tourism business engages with and protects the cultural heritage.

One certificate can include the group of hotels or several legal entities

Benefits of GSTC certification for tourism businesses

Access to the network of sustainable tourism businesses around the world, aligning to the world best practices and raise of competitiveness
Employee satisfaction: fair work conditions, equal opportunities
Positive guest experience: access for all, commitment to sustainability – leave no trace
Enhanced corporate and brand image by demonstrated attention to the society and environment
Saving money through efficient use of resources
Contribution to the conservation of a destination and regional historical and cultural heritage

GSTC certificates

How to obtain GSTC certificate step by step:

The application contains main parameters of the business (the scope of certification), which will determine the duration and cost of the audit.
Application Form
Conclusion of the Contract
The Client receives a commercial offer with the cost and a procedure of certification. Once the offer is accepted and terms and conditions agreed, the Client and UCSL conclude a contract for certification.
Preliminary audit (optional)
The preliminary audit is aimed at identifying areas of concern, which the Client may need to get finalized before the main audit.
Main audit
A third-party assessment of conformity to the GSTC standard. Based on its results a certification decision is made.
Certificate issue
Once the GSTC requirements are successfully met by the organization it will be awarded a GSTC certificate valid for three years.
Annual surveillance audits
UCSL will conduct a regular evaluation of the hotel/ tour operator in order to verify compliance with the conditions set up in the report and assess the overall dynamics of the Client's development in achieving sustainable tourism.

Rights & Duties

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