Olga Shuvalova, CEO of The United Certification Systems Limited (UCSL) and Patrick Dessy, General Manager of Casale Panayiotis Hotel, Cyprus
Casale Panayiotis Hotel in Cyprus Becomes First in the Country to Attain Prestigious Global Sustainable Tourism Certification

Casale Panayiotis Hotel in Cyprus, under the leadership of General Manager Patrick Dessy, is thrilled to announce its official certification by the United Certification Systems Limited (UCSL)for the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

The certification not only acknowledges the hotel's unwavering commitment to sustainability but also marks a historic milestone as the FIRST hotel in Cyprus to achieve this prestigious certification.

The certificate was presented to Patrick Dessy, General Manager of Casale Panayiotis Hotel, by Olga Shuvalova, CEO of UCSL, during a ceremony hosted at the hotel on Wednesday, October 18, 2023.

The GSTC Criteria, which serves as the global benchmark for sustainable travel and tourism, covers three main areas: hotels, accommodations, tour operators and agencies, and destinations. To achieve certification, hotels undergo a comprehensive assessment based on key performance indicators aligned with the GSTC Criteria for Hotels.

These indicators evaluate:

A) Demonstrated effective sustainable management.

B) Maximized social and economic benefits to the local community while minimizing negative impacts.

C) Maximized benefits to cultural heritage while minimizing negative impacts.

D) Maximized benefits to the environment while minimizing negative impacts.

Casale Panayotis Hotel's successful certification serves as a testament to its commitment to sustainable practices, a vital aspect of tourism in Cyprus. This endorsement allows the hotel to confidently share its dedication to responsible and eco-friendly operations with customers, guests and stakeholders.