Derogation 4: Extension of ISO 19011 (GCR v2.4.1 – 6.1.3)

29 September 2020
This derogation extends the derogation originally published in GCR v2.4.1 as follows, with the following amendment as indicated by the struck-out text: 'Derogation, TAB 28, expires 28 February 2021: Qualification c) in Table 1 may alternatively be met by passing an ISO 19011-based course with all the following specifications: minimum duration of 14 hours; online and/or in-person; course provider recognised by IRCA/CQI or Exemplar Global; and, all of the elements listed in c.ii. except "practical audit examples from the MSC context".

The objective of this derogation is to ensure that CABs are able to practically meet the MSC's intent that all CoC auditors and fishery team leaders are trained in auditing techniques.

Additional guidance:
• The derogation permits courses which do not include "practical audit examples from the MSC context" so that CABs do not have to obtain higher-cost bespoke courses. However, a CAB may still choose to obtain a bespoke course that includes practical audit examples from the MSC context if it wishes to.
• The MSC maintains a list of courses which meet the above criteria. This list is available on the CAB Extranet.
• The course itself does not need to be recognised by IRCA/CQI or Exemplar Global, however, the course provider does.
• Personnel who have taken applicable courses based on earlier versions of ISO 19011 do not need to retake training to the latest version of ISO 19011.
• The derogation does not need to be met if the personnel can provide evidence of having completed a qualification as per a) or b) in 'Qualifications' in Table 1 in the GCR (for example, completion of an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor course by an IRCA/CQI- or Exemplar Global-accredited course provider).